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Fine Wine Delivery Across NZ

At Kiwi Drops, we offer fine wine delivery in Auckland. Get your fine wine delivery with our simple three-step process. Add your wine to the cart, add your payment details, and checkout. We will deliver your wine to your doorstep. If you are looking for a reliable fine wine delivery option in Auckland, you’ve come to the right place.


Great Fine Wines in Auckland. Selected Just For You

At Kiwi Drops, our mission is to bring the finest wines in New Zealand to your doorstep. We are a team of wine aficionados who have travelled the world and scoured through every part of New Zealand to expand our palate and taste the best the world of wine has to offer.


We select the best wines in New Zealand by putting them through rigorous criteria. Here’s everything we look at before a bottle of wine makes the cut through our selection process: 



Wines with distinctive flavours come from a single grape. A wine that fully integrates and embodies all the characteristics of a grape is called a wine with a ‘varietal’ character, an indicator of the wine’s fine quality. 



Balance is what is achieved when every flavour falls in harmony with the other. Wine is a complex body with a number of players on each level: fruits, acid, alcohol, tannin, herbs. 



Every sip should be bursting with clear, crisp flavours. Precision is all about well-defined, expressive flavours. Instead of a muddled liquid with muted and blurry tastes, a fine wine offers a palate of tastes and sensations, each sip enhancing your experience. 



Layering is what distinguishes a good wine from a bad one. Fine wine is an experience in itself, revealing new flavours as you swirl and sip. Complexity is about distinctive, often subtly contrasting flavour profiles. You might taste herbs on the first sip, wood on the last, the earthiness and flavours of the ground in the third sip and the sweetness of tropical flavours in your fourth. A complex wine keeps you guessing for a very long time.



The persistence of wine on your palate, even after you’ve swallowed, is called its length or finish. The better the wine, the longer the length. With ordinary, low-quality wines the taste disappears as soon as you swallow. A fine wine stays on your tongue, flirting with your senses, and registering on your palate. Even if you do not like it, you’re not likely to forget it. 



The deeper the roots of wine, the deeper and long-lasting it's of the effects. Just as our roots define our character and history, the same way wine is distinguished by its origins. Whether you’re sipping on a Marlborough Pinot Noir, A Central Otago Riesling, or a Gibbston Sauvignon Blanc, every wine has a distinctive profile - a profile that is native to the region it comes from. 



A wine that possesses the perfect amount of acidity tastes neither flat nor dull. In fact, acidity is what makes a wine crips, fresh and snappy. Acidity is the kick that riots and dances on your tongue and kick start your palate. 


Buy Fine Wine in Auckland

Buy your favourite fine wine in Auckland with us. At Kiwi Drops, our intention is to bring you the greatest selection of fine wines in Auckland. 


Now you can buy your favourite fine wine in Auckland with a simple click. All you have to do is select the wine(s) you want to be delivered, go to the cart, fill out your details, and check out. You don’t have to travel miles and miles or scour local aisles to buy fine wine in Auckland. It’s all a simple click away. 


If you are not sure what wine would be the best buy, please do not hesitate to give us a call at We’re always happy to assist and recommend something based on your preference.

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