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Sparkling wine is so much more than champagne.

The bubbles rise steadily through my glass, streaming from the bottom until they fan out on the surface of the wine like fireworks bursting in a raucous celebration. It’s a release — not just of carbon dioxide trapped in the wine but also frustrations pent up inside me. My weariness floats away with each sip, as the bubbles lift my spirits from a sigh to a smile.

Traditional sparkling winemaking techniques combined with New Zealand’s cool climate and plentiful sunshine produce impressively high quality sparkling wine.

Balanced, well-structured wines can be found across a wide range of styles.

With precise fruit expression, naturally high acidity and mouth-filling palates, New Zealand’s sparkling wines have become renowned for their depth, finesse and drinking pleasure.

Marlborough produces a significant portion of New Zealand sparkling, though diverse styles are produced the country’s length and breadth.

A wide range of styles are produced in New Zealand, predominantly Méthode Traditionnelle from the classic varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but also aromatic styles including Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc.

 This holiday season is not shaping up to be the full-blown return to normal we had hoped for. But even if our celebrations are more low-key and virtual than we would prefer, we can still raise a glass and toast loved ones near and far while we bid adieu to another year and hope for better in 2022.

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