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Premium Wine Brands

We offer wines from a range of premium wine brands that represent the very best of New Zealand. These award winnings brands produce some of the greatest wines in New Zealand that the world has ever seen. When it comes to taste, they are simply the best.


Valli Bendigo


The Valli Bendigo Pinot Noir affirms the promise of the Otago region and confirms why Zebra is considered one of the best new vineyards in the country. One of the most prominent premium wine brands in New Zealand, the Valli Bendigo wine displays plump, fresh fruit flavours in abundance, followed by the savoury toast and cedar aromas that Valli is known for.


Seresin Estate


Seresin Estate is known for creating wines that reflect the family’s philosophy of winemaking. The wines are aged in full or partial French oak barrels to enhance their richness and complexity. 


Gibbston Valley School House


One of Gibbston Valley’s founding wineries, and New Zealand’s most premium wine brands, Gibbston Valley School House have established a reputation for premium wines and for honouring the traditions that have made them a world-renowned winemaker. Their wines are unrefined, unfiltered, and sustainably produced.




The Maude wines epitomise everything that Sarah-Kate and Dan believe in in terms of a wine’s value, identity and taste. They draw from an encyclopedic reserve of knowledge on the individual grape’s personalities and terroir. This, combined with their matchless winemaking experience and the values they represent, makes them one of the most formidable winemaking forces in New Zealand. 


Coopers Creek Razorback SV


Cooper Creek Razorbacks are one of the most premium wine brands in New Zealand. Their famous Finla Mor Sauvignon Blanc is a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with a bouquet of white passion fruit. 


The palate is full and textured, with the vibrant freshness of ripe lemon citrus and a long, crisp, clean finish. It is a perfect accompaniment to seafood such as crayfish, chicken, fish, sashimi.


Carrick Unrivaled


In the making of Carrick’s most sought after wines, the vineyard is tended by hand, allowing for careful management of individual vines, throughout the season. Each parcel is fermented separately in open-top fermenters and undergoes wild, indigenous yeast, spontaneous ferments. This creates a flavour that is complex, rich and unlike anything else you’ll ever taste. 


Cable Bay


At Cable Bay Vineyards wines are hand-crafted and sourced from the highest quality fruit, grown in small batch vineyards in two locations within New Zealand – Waiheke Island and Marlborough. Cable Bay is known for creating exceptional, quintessentially New Zealand wines, perfectly suited to the country’s unique climates and palates.


Premium Wine Online

If you are looking for great-tasting, high-quality premium wine online, you have come to the right place. With Kiwi Drops, the wine selection is easier than ever. We offer you the highest-quality, palate-pleasing premium wine online. Take your pick from our highly acclaimed selection of premium wines and get it delivered to your doorstep.