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An introduction to the Pinot Noir Rose Wine

The New Zealand Pinot Noir Rose Wine is as glamorous as it is subtle. Filled with bright acidity and the soft aromas of crabapple, watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries, the Pinot Noir Rose Wine is a classic combination of delicate dryness and sweet, floral flavours.

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More on the New Zealand Pinot Noir Rose

The New Zealand Rose comes in a variety of colours, ranging from pink powdered hues to pale salmon and deep watermelons. They’re light-bodied, dry, crisp, and clear. The majority of Rose wine is made from Pinot Noir. 


The Exceptional Balance of the Pinot Noir Rose

Dry wines usually ferment longer, allowing for the sugar to be completely absorbed. This takes away some of the sweetness from the wines. The pinot noir rose wine can have as little as 3 grams of sugar per serving, some of the lowest amounts in any wine.

However, what makes the Pinot Noir Rose wine unique is its ability to balance that dryness with delicate floral flavours that add an underlying current of sweetness to the wine, enhancing your palate. The pinot noir rose wine hits you slowly, melting on your tongue, registering on your senses, and then all at once, like an explosion--a riot of colours and flavours and sensations. You may also taste hints of orange, zest, lemon or white cherries depending on the maker and brand. 


The Pinot Noir Rose Wine is mostly produced in the Marlborough region. The Marlborough Pinot Noir Rose Wine has an intense, aromatic and vibrant palate with hints of ripe berries and spices. It is because Marlborough’s cool climate and high sunshine enhance the crispness, structure and fruit profile of the drink. Central Otago and Gibson offer great, distinctive flavours as well.


The Best Food to Pair With the Pinot Noir Rose Wine 

Green spices like thyme help bring out the contrasting sweet flavours in the wine. A thyme-roasted chicken, a goat cheese salad, or a salad with greens and spices. The sweet flavour of corn can also accentuate the fruit flavour in the wine. Other foods to consider include crab, edamame, trout, salmon burgers. 


The Pinot Noir Rose Wine is one of the healthiest wines you can choose from. It pairs greatly with healthy snacks and offers a unique profile of flavours.


The Best Pinot Noir Wine for New Zealand Wine Lovers

The Pinot Noir wine in New Zealand is lighter in colour than a Cabernet or Merlot. It is a medium-bodied red wine with relatively high alcohol, medium-to-high acidity, and a medium-to-low tannin profile. Its flavour profiles can range from fruity--red berries--to earthy and woodsy, depending on how it has grown and what region it belongs to. 


Marlborough Pinot Noir wines can be fruitier, with nuanced red flavours. The Marlborough Pinot Noirs are often used to make sparkling wines which are very popular in New Zealand. Central Otago Pinot Noir wines on the other hand often display more earthiness and have a mild to strong herbaceous profile.


How To Taste Pinot Noir

Wine tasting is an art. Whether you’re an aficionado or a new convert steadily building your palate. Here is how we recommend you taste a Pinot Noir to fully understand and appreciate its flavour profiles: 


  • Sight - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True enough, the love affair begins with sight. Start by visually inspecting the wine. What are the colour and clarity? Tilt the class against a white placement to see whether the wine is relatively translucent or not. A Pinot Noir wine in New Zealand is light-coloured, especially rose wines that often possess soft, subtle pink hues. 

  • Swirl & Smell - A slight swirl and swish of the liquid and you are ready to smell the aroma. Take a deep breath and let your senses dance. What does it smell like? What aromas can you identify? 

  • Sip/Spit/Swallow - Take slow sips, one following the other, but not too quick in succession. Let the flavour sit on your tongue, sizzle or simmer, burst or melt. Find flavour profiles in every sip. What stands as the dominant element? Feel the difference in the body and tannin compared to white wines. 

  • Savour - What is the intensity and acidity of the wine? How long is the finish? Does it have contrasting flavours? What does it remind you of? Do you sense any spicy characteristics? Pinot Noir has a silky texture. Let the texture envelope you, take notes, don’t judge a wine too fast. 

Many people fall in love with wine in the first sip only to dislike it by the seventh. For others, it’s the opposite. Wines are subtle, complex bodies that reveal themselves to you steadily.  


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